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Nature AZ has developed for you an offer of natural dietary supplements, plant extracts, and skincare products. We are specialists in herbal medicine,and aromatherapy. We offer powdered medicinal plants, herbal medicines and other organic and natural products. We develop for you the best references Slimming, Anti-Age, Essential Oils, Dietary Supplements, Nutrition, Phytotherapy. Our natural products are made in Montpellier, France to meet your health needs and bring you a lifestyle more in line with naturalness. In slimming,we will offer for example an extract of raspberry ketones or Garcinia Cambogia which both act as a natural fat burner.

Your herbalist online 24/7

Don’t have time to go to a pharmacy, parapharmacy or herbalist? Developed by a pharmacist with a strong culture and values of French pharmacies,Nature AZ offers a herbalist offer available 24/7. Our company is a family business dedicated to your well-being. Our goal? Offering you the widest range of herbal medicines, aromatherapy and herbalism products by developing a wide range of natural and organic products, ranging from sleep disturbances, joint, transit digestion, allergies and fertility sexuality. We are also working on a range of animal food supplements.

In accordance with French law, all our products are validated by the DGCCFR and we respect good manufacturing practices. We all do to select local suppliers as a priority.

Health advice on medicinal plants

We have a blog on which we regularly publish health tips around medicinal plants. Don’t hesitate to check out our tips and post your questions on the forum. We’ll be happy to be able to respond.

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