, Nature AZ – Malebiau Farm

Ferme de Malebiau was born in May 2022

It is located in Recoules-d’Aubrac, Lozère, in the heart of the Aubrac Regional Nature Park, in the Natura 2000 area.

The farm is in full development and specializes in perfume, aromatic and medicinal plants. Our convictions lead us to develop a project in organic farming and preservation of agricultural soils.

To do this, we were trained at the Lycée Agricole and at the Hectar farm, as we weren’t farmers a year ago.

We decided to become farmers to ensure that you get quality, traceable herbal supplements.

, Nature AZ – Malebiau Farm

What is organic farming?

Organic farming is defined as an agricultural production and management system that combines biodiversity with environmental practices that preserve natural resources. It incorporates rigorous standards in favor of animal welfare, and contributes to the preservation of the environment within a framework of sustainable rural development.

, Nature AZ – Malebiau Farm

The principles :

  • No use of “synthetic” chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.), although pesticides and fertilizers of “natural origin” are authorized,
  • No use of GMOs,
  • Recycling of organic waste and rejects,
  • Crop rotation for soil regeneration,
  • Pest control using biological agents,
  • Respect for the environment and preservation of natural resources,
  • Maintenance and development of biodiversity (cultivation and breeding of varied species, maintenance or planting of hedges, etc.).

What is agricultural soil preservation?

Fertile soils is one of our planet’s most precious assets.
You may not know it, but one square meter of soil contained the largest biomass, 80% of which was made up of earthworms numbering in the hundreds.
Soil is the primary reservoir of biodiversity. It naturally provides the water and nutrients essential for plant growth. Soil is at the heart of the balance and exchanges between plants, minerals and micro-organisms. It stores carbon, regulates the greenhouse effect and filters water …..

, Nature AZ – Malebiau Farm

There are 3 fundamental principles

  • Surface protection
  • Land enrichment
  • Reduced space requirements
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