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Recipe for Maté Ice Cream Horchata

The Maté Ice Cream Horchata Recipe is a popular coktail in Mexico and in the Valencian region of Spain for maté flavours.

What is Green Maté?

The Guarani people are the primary users of mate. Their territory covers Paraguay, northern Argentina and southern Brazil. This people used this drink to " chase away fatigue " and " promote good humour ". They also used it as a base for their medicines.

Native to South America (Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and southern Brazil), mate grows easily on the banks of rivers in mountainous forests at altitudes of 500 to 700 metres. In its natural state, the tree can grow up to 20m high. In cultivation it is pruned to a maximum of 4-8m.

How to use Green Maté as a cocktail ingredient?

There are several ways to use green mate in a cocktail:

  1. Using a yerba mate syrup: Several cocktails (Pisco sour with mate, Manhattan with mate...) are made with a yerba mate syrup. To make this type of syrup, simply boil a mixture of water, sugar and yerba mate (in a 1-1-1 ratio).
  2. Steeping the leaves in alcohol: Steeping yerba mate for one or two days in a bottle of alcohol can produce a surprisingly tasty drink.
  3. Adding the leaves directly to the cocktail: The simplest solution, it is however not widely used because the cocktail should be drunk with a bombilla so as not to swallow the yerba leaves.
  4. Adding alcohol directly to the calabash: Called "mate con malicia" in Chile, adding pure alcohol to the calabash is a traditional practice.
  5. Using a mate infusion: The most practical solution, infusion allows you to make different types of cocktails with ease.

The preparation of the Recipe for Maté Ice Cream Horchata :


  • dried leaves of organic green mate
  • almond milk
  • honey
  • cinnamon + piece of cinnamon
  • vanilla extract
  • spiced rum
  • ice

You can find the Organic Yerba Maté leaves on our website.


  1. Mix almond milk, cinnamon honey and vanilla extract.
  2. Add mate infusion (fresh).
  3. Add a little spiced rum and ice.
  4. Optional: Add a piece of cinnamon.

This recipe comes from the blog La bombilla.

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